Benefits of a Central Reservations

Advantages and Benefits of Central Reservations

Central Reservations can be a powerful tool for your Destination Marketing Organization to help you meet revenue goals, increase marketing effectiveness and to streamline your operations. Learn more about how we Central Reservations can impact your Destination Marketing efforts.



Central Reservations serves as a fulfillment and conversions tool for a DMO. Central Reservations increases conversions by providing single calls to action, by creating sales oriented follow up processes and by creating an atmosphere of service.


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Brand Positioning

Central Reservations can help a DMO to reinforce and enhance its branding efforts by utilizing packages to match the target customer’s needs and support its marketing messaging.  It also helps the DMO’s branding efforts by creating more experiential vacations, leveraging supplier brand equity, creating consistent offerings and helping to overcome negative brand image.


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Central Reservations helps a DMO to more effectively segment and target its audience.  When the destination can create unique packages to meet the customer’s needs, it not only serves to reinforce the brand, but also allows the destination to reach the most relevant and likely visitors. Speaking directly to the customers that fit the destinations brand.


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Marketing Effectiveness

All savvy marketers rely on real research and real information about what works and what doesn’t in their marketing promotions. Central Reservations helps improve marketing effectiveness by providing comprehensive marketing reporting including visitor information, marketing effort effectiveness, visitation trends and much more!


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Increasing Revenues

Central Reservations can help a DMO to increase Tourism Related revenues by up and cross selling customers before, during and after the sale.  By creating a sales environment which includes efforts at the time of booking as well as regular follow ups on reservations, Cen Res is able to up sell and cross sell guests into more options during their stay which increases supplier revenues and tax revenues.


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Cut Costs

Central Reservations can also help a DMO to cut costs and decrease overhead. By lightening call volumes, facilitating supply management, and facilitating customer requests for information, a Destination Central Reservations service can help a DMO to focus its budget spending to revenue generating activities.


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